“My concern these days is that we may be going backwards” Brett, 2012

“When first getting involved with the St Audry’s Project I was surprised at how far thinking Dr John  Kirkham was. Patients were encouraged to do various forms of occupational therapies; art, gardening, music, sport and needlework. Trades were learned such as brick making, furniture making and animal husbandry. St Audry’s was totally self sufficient with their own food, building the necessary extensions, making the uniforms and furniture. At a time when there wasn’t any social services or NHS and poverty was rife this place must have been a God-send for the patient and their families. Though having said that I’m sure there were things that were obviously unpleasant. My concern these days is that we may be going backwards from what I hear from people who have experienced our modern mental hospitals. The rich don’t seem so willing to fund the less well off in our times as they were quite prepared to do in Victorian times i.e The Utopian Socialists.”