More than a century and a half ago, Dr Kirkman believed that effective treatment for patients began with 5 things: food, warmth, cleanliness, exercise and work.

And here’s a more recent Mental Health 5 a day to improve mental wellbeing:

  • spend time socialising and developing relationships with the people around you
  • make time for a daily dose of exercise or activity
  • challenge yourself by learning how to do something new
  • take time to notice and enjoy the good aspects of everyday life
  • help or do something nice for those around you or the community

Developing this idea we have been inviting people to think about the everyday things that help them to feel happy or to lift our spirits and inviting them to write their own personal ‘five a day’ repeat prescriptions for well-being.

You can click on the thumbnails below to see what some of the project members  came up with originally. Since then, their ideas have been added to by hundreds of visitors to the St Audry’s exhibition at Abbot’s Hall, Museum of East Anglian Life.

Here are some of our favourites:  reading books, hugs, stroking the dog,  healthy family, enough money, friendship, music, space, time, occasional stimulant!, laughter, being on my bike, making really delicious food and eating it,  good night’s sleep, not feeling hurt inside, good things happening, going swimming with my mum, jumping on my daddy, playing with my cats, go out in the garden,  involve myself in research, eat something sweet, chat to people when possible, warmth, someone to talk to, a cup of tea, peace of mind, sport, something cold,  a puzzle, cherry bakewell…